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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in america's major cities. as anger over baltimore spreads. the city still on edge. that bizarre scene as the orioles play in front of an empty stadium. and new questions this morning about what happened to freddie gray while he was inside that police van. we talk to the mayor under fire this morning about the state of emergency. also breaking right now -- miraclrescues. searchers pulling this teenager from the rubble and destruction five days after the devastating earthquake. new scenes of a baby pulled from the ruins. we're on the scene this morning. deadly shark attack. a snorkeler attacked in the water off maui. injuries to her upper torso. the first deadly attack in the u.s. in two years. a hot spot for tourists shut down.
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a modern fight. sofia vergara's ex speaking out this morning saying he's fighting for the couple's frozen embryos so he can start family of his own. and why he says the star won't let him. >> and good morning, america. what a week in baltimore. and what a strange scene yesterday. camden yards empty. fans locked out. the orioles played the white sox any way. just like any other game. they played the national anthem. the songs during the seventh inning stretch. >> no one was there to stretch, though. >> the catcher, caleb joseph pretending to sign autographs. >> there were demonstrators out in force around the country last night. there are those new questions
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about what happened to freddie gray when he was in police custody. we'll talk to baltimore's mayor in a moment. jim avila starts us off. >> reporter: good morning, robin. protesters returned to the streets overnight here, mostly peaceful and around the country. trying to shift focus back to freddie gray's death. the police announce they won't release their investigation to the public until prosecutors decide on charges. thousands of marchers took to the streets in new york city blocking traffic and briefly shutting down the holland tunnel. several police officers injured. more than 100 protesters arrested. the demonstrations remained largely peaceful for the second day if a row. >> this is organized in a peaceful and positive way. >> reporter: this comes as "the washington post" reports that
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according to a new police document ah someone transported with gray said he was intentionally trying to injure himself by banging geps the walls of the vehicle. the prisoner's statement is contained in an application for a search warrant that is sealed by the court. a representative from the family says theydy agree with any implication that freddie gray severed his own spinal cord. major league first. i've been coming to ball games for 50 years. this is the first time i have ever felt like i had a private viewing. the announcers jokingly called some of the game in hushed tones. >> it's deep and it's off of the base of the wall. >> reporter: without anyone to sing if the national anthem or stretch if the seventh upping the orioles beat the white sox 8-2. fans gathered outside the gates
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to cheer. the orioles have left town. the next home game if a week when they hope the city is calm enough for the fans to watch the game from inside the park. robin? >> all right, jim, thank you very much. joining us from baltimore is the city's major, stephanie rawlings-blake. we appreciate you joining us this morning. we heard in jim avila's report, the baseball team playing in front of an etchty stadium. some supported that decision. others thought it sent the wrong message that things are not under control. what did you think? >> i think in the heat of a state of emergency, every decision is going to be scrutinized. the orioles wanted to make sure they continued to play. we had to protect the police resources. the best decision based on what was available, was made. we're not going happy.
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we've been able to keep baltimore safe and moving. >> overnight, the second night of relative calm. the police will be releasing their investigation, the report to prosecutors on friday. but there are some reports this morning that a prisoner inside the same van that was transporting freddie gray that prisoner said that he heard gray, um -- banging against the other side of the metal partition. he didn't see it. but he heard that. and that he told investigators that he believes that freddie gray was intentionally trying to harm himself. can you comment on that at all? >> what i can say is i haven't seen the report. we have to let this process play out. if there's ever going to be peace. and the challenge is when you have so many communities that don't trust the process. some don't understand it it's painful to get us to this place where we can all be on the same page and have that priority.
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about justice. >> you have faced more than your fair share of criticism based in part some remarks you made over the week end, when you appeared to say that in giving the pro testers space, that you were also giving them space to destroy property. you said those remarks were miskarkized. can you clarify what you were trying to say? >> as soon as the national guard was needed, i called the governor without equivocation and without hesitation. period. >> we're seeing demonstrations overnight in cities all across the country. how do we address this issue of trust when it comes to law enforcement and local communities? >> you're asking a very tough question. it's a question i have asked myself. this relationship between the community and the police, we don't have an option. we have to get it right. we have to find a way for there to be trust. the police to trust the
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community. the community to trust the police. if -- if we allow there to be this constant and further division, our country is headed in the absolute wrong direction. >> there needs to be trust, you said exactly on both sides of the issue. trust on both ends. thank you very much. we wish you and your city of baltimore all the best going forward. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, thank you. and the major cautions about the speculation about what the other prisoner reportedly said and said we all should wait inle the investigation is complete. we turn now to more miraculous stories of survival out of nepal. five days after the mass i have earthquake. american search and rescue teams helped pull people alive from the rubble this morning. this teenager had only minor scratches. alex marquardt was there. >> reporter: they didn't think
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anyone here was still alive. this morning, they heard a voice. an american rescue team, wok with working with the nepalezse. this morning, an excavator was clearing rubble when they heard a call for help. rescuers scrambled. >> we're told there are voices heard in a void space. we have a search reconnaissance team with us right now. >> reporter: working with the search dog, they find the voice, belonging to this 15-year-old. pulling him out into the light and rushing him to stable ground. huge cheers from the rescuers. [ cheering ] a celebration for a life saved. >> he's fine. >> it's a miracle. it's a miracle. >> reporter: he was wedged in this hole right next to this motorcycle. a tiny dark space, smaller than a coffin for more than 140
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hours. moments like these offering dplimers of hope. another amazing rescue this morning of three americans who were missing after the avalanche on mt. everest. for days they holed up in a snow cave before u.s. special forces came to their rescue. ? we all banded together and figured out how the make it work. >> reporter: back at the collapsed guest house, rescuers back in action after word from the rescued boy two others may be inside trapped. the american team using the cameras, microphones, and dog looking for another miracle. the rescue team still working here on this building. inspired by the rescue they have spread out with their dogs hoping to find more survivors. >> thank you, alex. to the nfl draft. it's draft day. the first round is tonight. the league coming off one of its toughest seasons off the field. a series of domestic violence cases including star ray rice. this year's top pick is expected to be jameis winston, a player
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who has had his own trouble with the law. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: he's the heisman trophy trophy-winning mvp quarterback. >> jameis winston, florida state university. >> reporter: phone here his championship-winning moves -- >> touchdown! >> reporter: -- as he is for headline-grabbing troefrcontroversies. >> i messed up. >> reporter: that's not stopping him from going to the nfl. the nfl players association telling abc news winston will make roughly $24 million guaranteed for his first four years. >> he looks like he's capable of winning a super bowl. >> reporter: but the 21-year-old is still dogged by his recent past. he was accused of rape while at florida state. he's maintained the sex was consentual. his accuser has filed lawsuits
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against him and florida state. >> i kind of just want to know like, why me? >> reporter: winston's also been sidelines for making lewd comments and received a civil citation for allegedly stealing crab legs from a florida grocery store, something he called a mistake. >> all of my mistakes make me a better person. >> reporter: in fact he recently told espn he's talked openly with the buccaneers about his controversial history. >> anyone that wants to take that chance on me, the people that want to touch me they're going to be lucky. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news overnight, winston's agent said with the nfl draft today, jameis enthusiastically begins a new chapter of his life. he's grateful for the support. it's certain to be a lucrative new chapter ahead. >> no question about that. thank you. we turn to the race for president. and hillary clinton's first
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official challenger. vermont senator bernie sanders announcing today he'll run for the democratic nomination. he started in politics as the socialist mayor of burlington vermont. jon karl sat down with him to talk about his white house bid. >> reporter: good morning, george. senator sanders tells abc news he's in the first official challenger for hillary clinton. he's a long shot to be sure with a fiery message about taking on big money interests. he says dom gnat politics and politicians, including hillary clinton. he's a self-described democratic socialist from vermont. he started at the mayor of burr burlington burlington. a race he won by ten votes. >> i think we can surprise you. >> reporter: the surprise will be? >> that we're going win this thing. >> reporter: an unlikely presidential candidate taking on the biggest front-runner the democratic party has ever seen.
7:13 am
hillary clinton, is she really beatable in a democratic primary? >> i think so. i think the american people have had enough of establishment politics. >> reporter: it's a billionaire class sanders says has too much influence over politicians, including hillary and bill clinton. who took in hundreds of millions in speaking fees and donations while mrs. clinton was secretary of state. >> our democracy is being owned bay handful of billionaires. that is wrong. >> reporter: you think the clintons are part of the system? >> i think anybody now, running for office with a few exceptions exceptions and i think i'm one of them. >> reporter: the president joked. >> bernie is an interesting guy. apaurntly some folks want to see a pot-smoking kantd in the white house. >> i'm not a pot smoker.
7:14 am
i have years ago. >> reporter: the dprandfather with far left political views would stand out on a debate stage with hillary clinton. the chinten campaign has said there will be debates. >> the first but not the last democratic challenger. >> reporter: i count three others likely to throw in martin o'malley one of them. i expect him to be in the race as well. >> thank you. let's go to amy. >> a rare and deli shark attack. a woman snorkeling off the coast of maui had bec separated from her friends when the shark apparently came after her. >> reporter: this morning, this maui beach, a hot spot for tourists shut down following what appears to be a deadly shark attack. is there the life dpards have cleared the waters with use of jet skis. >> reporter: the pristine setting turning to panic. a 65-year-old woman whose
7:15 am
identity has not been released. injuries to her upper torso were consistent with a shark attack. if confirmed, this attack would be the first shark-related death in the u.s. since 2013. and the latest in a long line of close encounters. two-thirds of all the shark attacks in the world take place if the united states. 52 just last year. >> hey zpchlt. >> get out of the water! >> shark! >> reporter: like this one off the southern california coast last july. steve robels attacked by a great white. >> you just hear everything crunch. it was the most frightening thing anyone could ever experience. >> reporter: beach goers there on high alert as well. after the spotting of four sharks off the coast in the last four days. >> our thanks to kendis gibson for that. breaking overnight.
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justice handed down in the case of ma la yousafzai. she fought for her right to go to school. today, a court in pakistan sentenced ten men to life in prison for that attack including a senior taliban commander. new details about the pilot who crashed a german airliner into the french ams. five years ago, the faa raised questions about his mental health. doctors in germany declard andreas lubitz had fully recovered from depression. a violent scene at this das station. a woman, angry that a man wouldn't give her a cigarette used her lighter to set the gas nozzle on fire. yep, you can see what happened next. the flames quickly engulf the car. everyone escaped. that woman was later arrested. and finally, a lesson in what not to do if you're trying to lay low. a guy in montana was wanted on
7:17 am
theft charges. police posted his mug shot on facebook. then look at they noticed a short time later. a guy named levi reardon liked the photo. >> oh my. >> thanks to reardon himself, police were able to track down their man. that my friends, is what they call hubris. excessive pride. >> who doesn't like to see a picture of themselves? >> i like it myself. that's crazy. >> unbelievable. another picture. very didn't as we mentioned earlier. today is draft day. nfl draft day. it's also throwback thursday. we wanted to combine them and show you this picture from '93. a young michael strahan. his draft card. >> look how furious you look. >> the draft is a very happy
7:18 am
time. happy to be in the nfl. i look so d. that is -- that's not my best picture. but -- yeah. that was '93. >> you're like thinking man. >> you were about 30 pounds more? >> i was probably about 20 30 pounds george thank you for pointing that out. appreciate it. >> but you're in the hall of fame baby. hall of famer. okay let's switch that. heavy rain and stuff going on. >> 5.28 inches in key west, florida, yesterday. some of the heaviest rain. third wettest day in april on record ever. the rain just kept on coming down. it had broke this long stretch of sunshine. all the trees slamming there. 35 to 40-mile-per-hour winds. this is moving out. dryer for them.
7:19 am
jacqui: good morning washington. we hav a peak of sunshine right now. clouds will be on the increase. grab the umbrella. you wi need it later. our best chancof rain will be this afternoon with a high temperature of 70 degrees. teeratures around 50 inside the beltltway tonight, and tomoow will be cooler with temperatures in the 6's, and the best chance of rain in the morning hours. things should dry out nicely for the weekendwith a hig of 70 coming up modern fight. soef kra vergara's ex battling
7:20 am
her for control of the frozen embryos so he can start family. a modern day bonnie and clyde. dangers on the baseball diamond. a brutal moment sparking a new push for safety on the field. and flirting with fame. how you could end up going on a date with your celebrity crush.
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>> good morning. we want to get started with your forecast. we head over to meteorologist jacqui jeras.
7:27 am
rain today? jacqui: out temperature is 58 degrees. we do expect the clouds to thicken up throughout the afternoon. we have 48 at dulles, 52 at gaithersburg, 52 in fredericksburg. our temperatures should warm to 70 degrees this afternoon, but the later in the day we get, the more likely you are to get wet. you will have some rumbles of thunder especially in the mountains. we start to dry out as we head toward the weekend, and then temperatures will really start to warm up. upper 70's on sunday, and as you start next week, i am expecting a few days where we could reach 80 degrees. angela? angela: 270 remains clogged from 85 to urbana. then you are on the brakes again. i-95 in maryland, new issues merging onto 495. you will see volume delays. plenty of company, but not a bad
7:28 am
drive from 95 as you continue around through bethesda. on our virginia camera, 390 five northbound delays up the hill past duke street and seminary road, but i-66 is stop and go for the most part. making the trip from manassas to fairfax and inside the beltway a bit slow as you head through west falls church. that is what is happening on the roads. back to you, jimmy. -- jummy. jumm
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, baltimore still in a state of mother-in-law as protests spread to other major citiesover night. more than 100 people arrested. this frightening moment top baseball field, leading to a new push to protect players. and sofia vergara's ex breaks his silence over the fight for the frozen embryos. he is taking her to court sewo he can start family. happy friday eve. actress hilary duff admitting she uses a popular app to find dates. we'll tell you how it works. and other celebs going online. >> sometimes the celebs you see are not actually the celebrities. >> no that can't be true. people would post not real
7:31 am
pictures? shocking. >> i have a whole profile as angelina jolie. it's perfect. that's who i would pick. >> that's our ginger. >> so many different responses to that. i'm going to table them all and move on to the next story. it's about nick loeb. sofia vergara's ex. he pushed an op ed in the new york times overnight saying he's taking the case to court because he wants to be a dad. >> reporter: this is a dispute about the custody of empree owes. should they be treated as property or human lives? he wants to bring them to term and have babies, though the biological mother has refused. >> oh i saw you. >> reporter: crummy and fabulous on screen sofia vergara will have audiences laughing with her upcoming movie, "hot pursuit." this morning, the colombian bomb
7:32 am
shell's ex-fiance is taking on a serious matter. he's trying to prevent the two embryos from ever being destroyed. >> sofia, big smiles. >> reporter: in a candid new york time op ed publishes overnight, nick loeb writes these are issues that unlike abortion, have nothing to do with the rights over one's own body and everything to do with a parent's right to protect the life of his or her unborn child. he also claims he was the one who pushed for the children when he and vergara got engaged in 2012. in november of 2013 just six months before the couple broke up he says they used in vitro forlization to create embryos and planned to use a surrogate. something vergara spoke with our amy robach with. >> i wanted to make sure. i froze some eggs. i wanted to take advantage of science. why not?
7:33 am
>> reporter: while loeb does not allege she's actively trying to destroy the embryos, he writes it's his mission to preserve them at all costs. i asked her to let me have the embryos, offering to pay for all expenses to carry our girls to terms and raise them. she's refused. he says many have asked me why not move on and have family of your own? i have every intention of doing so president that doesn't mean i should let the two lives i have already created be destroyed or sit in a freezer until the end of time. rereached out to vergara. she doesn't want to comment. in a statement through her attorney to "people" earlier this month she said she has never wanted to destroy the embryos. >> let's talk to dan abrams. he admits he signed an agreement saying that both sides have to agree, how does he have a case?
7:34 am
>> he's effectively saying i changed my mind. he's saying we signed a form with a clinic. it wasn't a contract between us. it's not a strong argument. the language is clear if what they signed. they're forced to initial at every point that they recognize hat they're saying. in fact in this agreement, there's a specific reference to if they can't agree what to do with them they're effectively determined to be abandoned. he doesn't have much of a case. >> setting that contract aside, there have only been a few cases of the rights of embryos. >> this is a new area of the law. the only time someone really has a chance to make this decision on their own, and it only happens rarely is a, where the contract is kind of ambiguous. this one is not. and b, it's been in cases where, if both cases where a woman has her only chance to have a child here. she's had chemotherapy and cancer and something like that.
7:35 am
even those cases are tough to win. he's basically saying we need to ignore the contract. we need to ignore what has been the case lauf law. i want to create a new prism to look at this. it's a nice argument for "the new york times." it's likely to lose in court. now to the trial of a utah teen allegedly involved in the fatal shooting of a sheriff's deputy. prosecutors say megan grunwald was a willing accomplice to murder. the defense says she was a victim under her boyfriend's influence. >> reporter: this morning, this baby-faced teenager is on trial for murder. accused of helping her boyfriend kill a utah police officer and then taking off on a 50-mile crime spree. >> bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: during opening statements, the prosecutor detailing the deadly rampage as it played out on dash cam video.
7:36 am
>> ambulance 21. shots are fired. all throughout the highway. >> reporter: the whole thing starting with sergeant cory wright questioning the then 17-year-old pulled over on the side of the road. when sergeant ride goes back to his cruiser, grunwald's 27-year-old boyfriend starts shooting. pros skutecuteors say grunwald hit the gas, slowing down only so the boyfriend could shoot another officer. garcia is finally killed in a shootout with police. >> mject has been shot. >> reporter: while prosecutors make them sound like the diabolical couple from "natural born killers." the defense says megan, seen here weeping and quivering in court is no a compccomplice.
7:37 am
>> he's mixing threats with you know i wouldn't hurt you. you know i love you. and then keep driving or so help ming i'll kill you. >> reporter: the teen is expected to take the stand. for "good morning america," tom llamas abc news new york. >> our thanks to tom. time again for the weather. what's up angelina? >> i like that. i like that a lot. i mean if you have to pick a profile picture, she would do well on tinder. all i'm saying. vermilion, canned canned. a dust devil there. this does not form with a storm. it's from a hot column of air. i can tell you there's a red flag warning in much of the northern plains from aberdeen to grand forks. the heat in the southwest. phoenix could see their first 100 of the season. 84 for jacqui:: good d morning,
7:38 am
washinon. thee clouds ll be on the increase t throughout the day today. it will not be nearly as nicice as yesterday. rain showers a possible, esespecialally in the mountains, with our high tempererature >> all that weather brought to you by target. and northwestern australia, under attack. a severe tropical cyclone. winds 121 miles per hour. test weakening but it looks like it will hit. the new push to protect players after this scary scene. and doing way with double chins. the new shot that could get rid of some of them without surgery. wait until you see the before and after phot ♪ ♪ the avengers have assembled. get
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diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. 7:42. we're back with dangers on the baseball diamond. we saw again this week the pitchers are very much in the line of fire. the concerns starting in little league. more and more parents pushing for protective helmets.
7:43 am
ryan smith has more. >> oh! >> reporter: it was the terrifying moment at this week's arizona diamondbacks game. pitcher archie bradley hit in the face by a 115-mile-per-hour line drive. this morning, bradley tells us. >> it happened so fast. i remember throwing the pitch. next thing i know i was on the ground. >> reporter: this former pro pitcher tells us what it's like. >> the chances to move the glove, slim to none. >> look out. >> and that hit martinez. >> reporter: now, more and more major league pitchers insisting on protecting themselves. some wearing kev lar-lined baseball caps. alex torres wearing this padded helmet. little league sluggers may not hit with the same power, but those metal bats fire an extra
7:44 am
punch. this ball comes back at 73 miles per hour with a wood bat. five miles per hour faster with aluminum. >> i'm sick of seeing people get hurt. >> reporter: 20-year-old cole was hit in the head with a line drive at 14. in a fraction of is a second their sons a life changed forever. >> he couldn't talk or walk or swallow or anything. so he had to relearn all that. >> reporter: now, they're pushing for more helmets to be available on little league pitching mounds. >> i don't want noin have to go through what i did. >> reporter: for most pitcher, these may not be enough. 115 miles an hour off the bat. how hard is that relatively speaking. >> it's lightning, lightning quick. >> reporter: little league baseball told us that the safety of their players with their highest priorities. our former pro told me it's incredibly hard to react in milliseconds to stop a hit to an
7:45 am
uncovered face, guys. >> so dangerous. >> scary to watch. >> thank you, ryan. coming up here lunch shaming. the mom scolded by her school for packing oreos for lunch. parents everywhere weighing in. plus look for love online. why your next match could be a famous face. . $100,000 to the lady in the leopard print. sprint told us they'd cut our verizon bill in half. oh yeah. we'd save a bunch of money on our rate plan by switching to sprint. but we don't need to save money, do we mama? oh, no. no we do not baby. ... to the other lady in leopard print. like daddy always says 'money doesn't spend itself'. 1 million oh, look at that. oh! oh wow. look at that muscle baby. it's like a workout. some people are stupid rich. look at my muscle. for the rest of us sprint will cut your verizon or at&t rate plan in half. just turn in your old phone. or now, sign up for sprint's unlimited plus plan and get a samsung galaxy s6 edge for $0 down and just $5 a month. spring black friday is here at lowe's, so hurry in now for these great deals. like premium color mulch. 4 for $10. plus save 5% every day when you use your lowe's consumer credit card.
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7:49 am
you know finding love in 2015 is so different than 10 20 years ago. that celebrities are even using dating apps and abc's t.j. holmes in the social square with that. t.j.? >> hey, strahan. tinder lets you look at somebody's picture. if you like swipe to the right. if you don't, swipe to the left. it only shows people in your area. with all the celebrities on tinder you don't have to have their zip code. right now, there's a chance your celebrity crush could be a right swipe away. >> it's true. i'm on tendinder. >> it's you? >> reporter: she's looking for love on tinder. like i'm talking to probably
7:50 am
about nine guys roogt now. you only have your first name. >> okay. >> some people don't know. some people act like they don't, but they do. >> reporter: the lucky guy, tom. did you have posting this instagram post from their date. is this we went bowling. he was cool. he brought a friend pip had friends there. >> reporter: now, other famous faces are logging on to find love. this funny guy told howard stern about his approach. >> i've gone out with a couple girls in l.a. that i've met on tinder. it's hard to meet people. can i buy you a drink? >> reporter: swipers beware. sometimes in a match seems too good to be true it might be. you mooigt think you're getting clint eastwood's son. >> apparently i'm not tinder. i didn't know. >> oh, my gosh, you name is david on tinder. >> i saw women here pulling their phones out. put them back.
7:51 am
it's not him. it's not him. >> they are starting a new thing where they're giving vary tied accounts to the celebrities. so they can confirm it's them. some people don't believe it. >> we were saying that. >> is that a thing, though? >> i think they want them to be linged for themselves not the celebrity. >> you go to tinder for one reason any way. coming up melissa rivers opens up about losing her mom. wide assortment of foods for us to choose from. zack is our best sleeper. bitsy has a little bit of a sensitive stomach. bitsy likes a fairy tale before bed. do you have any types of food for dogs who are afraid of spiders? austin likes a story that is more realistic. and do you have anything for dogs who are so lazy? petsmart has great deals on your favorite food brands backed by an unbeatable price guarantee. 'cause pethood's better with a partner. ♪ we will rock you anthem ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:56 am
jummy: good morning. we want to start this thursday with the weather forecast with jacqui jeras. jacqui: things are changing significantly. clouds are starting to roll in, and by late this afternoon we could have a few showers around metro. 58 degrees as you walk out the door. we are sandwiched between two weather systems today. our best chance of rain showers will stay in the mountains, but i think on the i-94 -- the i-95 coward of this afternoon and evening hours. tomorrow will be down into the 60's, but we will dry things out in time for a nice weekend especially sunday. angela? angela: traveling through prince
7:57 am
george's county on the capital beltway through oxon hill, delays are blocking the right lanes as you approach the wilson bridge. if you are making the drive on the george washington parkway three separate accidents in the same location. southbound just after turkey run before you get to 123, three cars blocking the left lane. seven cars blocked on the northbound side as well. 295 northbound, a disabled vehicle. that is the latest on the roads. jummy: top stories now. a story of survival with a local twist. five days after the local -- after the earthquake in nepal rescuers in kathmandu pulled a 15-year-old boy from the rubble alive. members of the fairfax county search and rescue team were part of the group that found him. baltimore tensions are still high, but the overnight curfew appears to have worked again.
7:58 am
no major disturbances were reported overnight. you can get the latest weather, news, and traffic updates right now on newschannel 8. we will see you back here in 25 minutes. have
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ good morning, america. it's 588:00 a.m. sanics a double chin for good. no surgery. could it work for you? ♪ am i wrong ♪ lunch shaming fired up overnilt. parents coast to coast weighing in on who should determine what your kids eat at school. zplnch and girl you don't need makeup. comedian amy schumer borrows from the boy bands and launches a movement against makeup. why she's got so many women talking this morning. >> oh no. ♪ i like to move it move it ♪ >> down goes frazier. down goes frazier.
8:01 am
welcome back everybody. it's our big youtube week. dude perfect here live in times square. pumping up the crowd. serious bubble wrap. sumo wrestling. anything goes with these guys. >> five best friends. the numbers they generate just incredible. one of the biggest sports channels on youtube. eddie loves it as you can hear. that's our stage manager eddie right there. 5 million subscribers. over 1 billion minutes of their stunts have been watched. >> they're going to try to pull off a trick shot here. i wonder if they can make it. >> they rarely miss. >> i have seen them in purpose. they threw the ball from the top of an arena. >> nothing but net? >> yes. nothing but net. >> we'll see it. check this out. so many celebs are rocking the jump suit trend right now. our robin roberts among the
8:02 am
fashionistas working it. >> it's so easy. >> for you. >> no, no no, no no. see, that's what you -- no see that's what june is going to show us. all body types, sizes, long legs short legs. >> i can't pull it off. >> i think you can. >> we'll find out. >> i think you can. i know you can do the news. thank you, everybody. we appreciate it. we begin with new reports in the freddie gray case. as outrage spreads. there's word from another prisoner this morning about how gray may have been injured. according to "the washington post" a man transported in the same police van told investigators gray was trying to hurt himself banging against the he couldn't see gray because they were separated by a partition. meantime protesters in baltimore were off the streets by 10:00 p.m. adhering the to the curfew. in new york more than 100 people were arrested after
8:03 am
clashing with officers. police in baltimore will release findings of their investigation to prosecutors tomorrow. but will not make those findings public just yet. and now to the earthquake disaster in nepal. new video showing the moment the quake struck. swarms of birds fly over kathmandu as dust there the already flattened buildings rose into the air. more than 5500 people are now confirmed dead. today, another miracle rescue. american search teams helped pull a teenager out of the rubble after he was buried for five days. another encouraging sign helicopters finally reaching mountain villages with food and other aid for survivors. back here in this country, shocking sexual assault allegations against a coach for the ohio state university marching band. stewart kitchen is due in court today charged with kidnapping and assaulting a student after inviting her to have drinks. just last summer the university fired its marching band director amid allegations he allowed
8:04 am
sexually charged band traditions. the fda has approved a new procedure for people that have a so-called double chin. it's not without risk including potential nerve damage and facial paralysis. linzie janis explains. >> reporter: this morning, a new drug could transform your double chin from this. to this. the drug called kybella, approved wednesday by the fda gets injust a seconded under the chin, destroying fat cells. >> it's really exciting to have a new treatment that's not surgical to address an area that's a problem for so many people. >> reporter: 42-year-old amy has hated her tubl chain since high school. she participated in a clinical trial for the new treatment. showing us her before and afters. >> i have put on a few extra pounds. i haven't noticed any of it
8:05 am
going to my chin. >> reporter: the company that makes the product wouldn't reveal the price. patients may need the treatment once a month for up to six months to achieve result. it warns, patients should fully understand the risks associated with the use of the drug before considering treatment. >> you can have swelling and brudsing and some discomfort. you have to speak to your doctor make sure you're a good candidate. van insquekter properly trained on how to do the treatment. and no exactly what's in it for you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, linzie thank you. finally, sam the yorky is back home safe and sound. the little york shire terrier disappeared four years ago. he was recently picked up as a stray in iowa. about 1,000 miles away from his home in new orleans. he had a pike roe chip. he was flown home first class.
8:06 am
as for where he's been for the past four years? no one knows. and sam is not talking. but -- i believe that lara could maybe perhaps change that. >> i would like to try. an exclusive interview only on "gma." >> we're holding our breath. "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go the michael. >> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." in "pop news" amy schumer touched a nerve. why her song about makeup is generating so much buzz. also ahead, melissa rivers opening opening up about the death of her mom, joan. and tory johnson is here for "deals & steals." great deals for mother's day. and dude perfect here live. so much more this morning. all coming up live on "gma," here in times square.
8:07 am
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the routine. but mostly, just play. when you plan a vacation at any one of hilton's 12 distinct brands you always get the lowest price. only when you book direct at welcome back to "gma." time now for "pop news." and calling all the single ladies. youtube phenom and american idol alum todrick hall has made the ultimate tribute to queen bey. take a look at this. ♪ on my mind love you like crazy ♪ ♪ looking so crazy in love on top baby because you're the one that i love ♪ >> it's amazing. >> ♪ i'll be your naughty girl i'm calling all my girls who run the
8:12 am
world ♪ >> do you see it. seven song references. all together, he coverers 70 songs in one video. >> wow. >> very smart the. very talented. >> so well edited. >> i call it a flawless performance. >> really good. i watched the whole four minutes. very into it yesterday. and comedian amy schumer lighting up the interthet this morning. the fearless funny girl inspiring girls to go makeup free. in the beginning, they sing about how beautiful she is without makeup until she takes it off. ♪ dpirl you do need makeup lots and lots of makeup ♪ >> listen. ♪ work your way back ♪ >> think of a clown and work your way back. >> oh no. >> she is doing this as a parody because she says certain boy bands sing oh you're so natural. you know the band i'm talking about. the comedy central star
8:13 am
tweeting smile at yourself in the mere. #girl you don't need makeup. the video has nearly 700 hours to hits. the hashtag trending big. women posting pictures of themselves going au naturel. her comedy makes you smile and makes you think. finally, a new game show. i would like to say this one delivers. tlc all about labor games. a new show catching moms to be on the brink of bit. in hospital. offering them trips. baby monitors. scholarship money if they can answer trivia questions between contractions. >> oh man. >> can i ask a question? is there a seven-second delay on this one? because i'm sure if someone asked me the wrong question or told me i was wrong. >> lights and music in the delivery room i would be
8:14 am
needing the bleep. that's on tlc. >> people have agreed to do this. >> this is legit? >> this is happening. >> people get sir pruzed? or you to sign up beforehand? >> oh you've got to beforehand. >> i don't thing you're like, yeah, sure, come in. >> i kind of like the element of surprise. as to the birth. >> try us and let us know what happens. >> i can't get pregnant i found out. the game's not for me. is there there's a question answered. please go. we're going ginger outside. very happy sweet 16 to what's your name? >> sofia. >> and from kansas city. we want to start in arlington, virginia. look at the time-lapse of the sunrise. that was on wednesday. today is a little bit of a different day. cooler. temperatures in the 70s. yesterday, closer to 80. scattered showers throughout the day in the mid-atlantic back into w
8:15 am
jacq: good morning washingt. we have a peak sunshine right now. clouds will be on the increase. grabhe u umbrell you will need it later. our best chance of rain will be this afteron with a high temperature of 70 degrees. temperatures around 50 inside the beltway tonight, , and tomorrow will be cooler wi temperatures in the 60's, and the best c cnce of raiin the morning hours. thgs should dry out nicely for the weekend, with a hig of 70 >> what beautiful morning. what are you doing here? anything fun? >> uh we saw broadway stuff. >> here for broadway. you're from new hampshire? >> yes. >> new york you can get so much done in a short amount of time. right? what a great crowd. let's get back inside. >> it's like oh she's talking to me. i wasn't expecting her to talk to me. first on the "gma heat
8:16 am
index" this morning, melissa rivers opening up about losing her mother joan. the reality star telling "people" how she's coping and finding humor while healing. mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: nearly eight months after the sudden passing of comedy's leading lady. >> i was wearing a mustard dress. i said look we're condiments. she goes -- >> reporter: melissa rivers opening up about the loss of her mother and best friend joan. telling "people" about the moments that hit her the hardest. getting in the car at airport and, you know who do i call? who do you call and say you got there safely? melissa honoring her mother and her final years at sunday's daytime emmys. >> i got to enjoy all of them with her. as her producer. her business partner. her costar. and the best part was as her daughter. >> reporter: growing up the daughter of aian wasn't always a barrel of laughs though. melissa saying joan was very
8:17 am
strict. a trait she inherited in parenting her 14-year-old son, cooper. but melissa says joan the grandmother, was much softer. >> according to melissa, joan and cooper were partners in crime. they were extremely close. >> reporter: there's been some comic relief while going through joan's apartment. seen on the reality show jeend melissa, joan knows best. >> it's an amazing place. >> reporter: me sisz is alyss say saying she has to shake out books and open cans to find her hidden stashes of cash. melissa says funny moments like these make her miss her mom the most, she admits now that she's gone i have to find my own voice. i'm a different person in a different place. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news new york. >> mm. >> thanks to mara for that. next up on the "meat index"
8:18 am
it's called lunch shaming. a mom called out by mer daughter's school for the other yos she packed in her daughter's lunch. reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: they're a favorite treat for moms and kids alike. now leeza is saying she was lunch-shamed when she sent the popular cookie in her daughter's school lunch bag. >> i'm angry that my child was refused to eat her lunch, a whel lunch onner a portion. >> reporter: she was stunned when her 4-year-old came home with the cookies untouched and a stern note from the school that said, in part dear patients it's very important that all students have a nutritious lunch. this is a public school setting. ail churn are required to have a fruit, a vegetable, and a healthy snack from home along with milk. is there that's a mother's job. once it becomes unhealthy, the mother will do side it for herself, based on her discussion with the doctor. not the teacher.
8:19 am
>> reporter: a spokeswoman for aurora public school which provides some under thing for children to attend the private preschool told abc news that the note is not standard practice. saying we want to inform parents but never want it to be anything punitive. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> let's talk about this now. dr. jen ashton is here. and ericka souter. the school says they have a right to decide. the mom says she should. who is right? >> there's an important distinction. is the school dictating or suggesting what you should put in your kids' lunch? i've been on the receiving end of putting the wrong thing in. i put fruit sacks in in there and they came back with him at the end of the day. parents need to have an open communication with the school. they're not doing anything bad. they don't want to send anything unhealthy. it's what they think the kid likes and is good for them. >> some schools are banning
8:20 am
birthday cup cakes, so -- >> >> >> absolutely. it's gotten so extreme. >> so doctor what say you? >> i think this might be filed turned cat foir of right message, wrong execution. the reality is kids spend 50% of their waking hours in school. obesity is a big prom problem among children. maybe they're well-intentioned. but the execution is wrong. i'm going the help us. i thought you looked hungry. i brought food. george start with your bag. take that out. >> a carrot. >> there's something else. >> you decide what to put in your kids bag,s the not just what you're picking but how it's made. if you have little mouths bite-sized is definitely the way to go. there's studies that show kids who eat bite-sized food are calmer. lara, you're up next. you looked thirsty.
8:21 am
>> orange juice and apple juice. >> we hear this all the time. sugar-sweetened beverages not healthy for our children. amy, what's in your bag. >> i was always told eat your fruit, don't drink them. >> go if the pony bottles of water. low-fat chocolate himming. we know because a lot of us have packed lunches. it has to be easy. so millions of moms and dads at night are like 10:00 at night, they have to pack a kid's lunch and they have to make it healthy. they want to make it good right? >> and you want your kids to eat it. they have to enjoy lunch. >> i get things back all the time, uneaten. >> i'm not below bribing children. but, just make an assembly line. make the food bite-sized. once in awhile a cookie go for it. it's not crack. >> no it's not.
8:22 am
>> to michael right now. now to major "deals & steals" for mom. we all love our mothers and mother's day is almost here. tory johnson has great gifts your mom will love that will arrive if time for the big day. bargains, so big, we need jesse palmer here to give us a hand. >> a lot of time in the gym getting ready for this. >> i have two mama's boys to help me out. >> yes. >> guilty. yes, you do. >> first up from life therapy. no matter what mom's mood this is for her. it's all mood-enhancing products. perfume. body creamwash. you get to pick the mood. chill, vacation escape flirt, or play. waver you think she needs. an amazing deal. normally each piece starts at there are 4 $4$ $24. >> my mom has six kids.
8:23 am
she wants to escape. >> slashed in half, 12 bucks. >> you gotta smell good on mother's day. >> i love these. these -- ooh. lots of bling, bling. daniela. the dazzling diva hoops. every mama deserves extra sparkle every day. not just on mother's day. three sizes. a variety of colors. they're supersparkly in person. i love these. normally $59. big, big deal. slashed by 68 pgt%. the smallest size 19 bucks. they come in a great box. >> i'm so happy you have to do the math. here we go -- >> so from lolo. a big assortment. big tote bags like this one here. the once on the screen. everything from eye glass cases to big totes. i love about this company is that it's not just the assortment you see on screen. it's an entire website of
8:24 am
options. you can pick stuff to coordinate a piece for mom grandma, cousins. whoever is that mom person in your life or all the women you want to celebrate. there's lots of piece ifs you want to coordinate for everybody. i love that. i love the deal. >> what kind of deals are "gma" viewers getting? >> starting normally at $23. everything is slashed in half. thousands of options. they start at $11.50. >> and a good way to take all of these other fwifts in one item. >> don't forget about grandma, too. here we go. >> oh from kate. grab up withone of these. 36-inch pendants. i hooked you up. i've got sp. >> for my mom. wow. how about that? >> we have an l and an s. you could do mom's first initial. it looks perfect on you. >> you're getting serious brownie points for us.
8:25 am
>> you can choose one initial. multiple. depending. layering is beautiful. a little diamond right in the sent person a real diamond. so it's a beautiful, beautiful thing for layering. normally from kate fort eight. $120. these are slashed big time. $38. it comes in the gorgeous box. >> i'm going to wear mine. last but not least, from shari's berries. two deal for mom. a dozen dipped berries or a trio of cheese kax. a box with four individual cake truffles. >> so how much? >> originally $40 to $50. slashed in half. >> you know what? we have a big surprise for our audience. they don't have to buy them. even gets a voucher for a free dozen dipped strawberries. from shari's berries.
8:26 am
thanks to all the companies. find them and bonus bargains on on yahoo!. thank you, jesse. we needed the extra strength, baby. coming up helen hunt here live. opening up about her major new role behind and in front of the camera. and tory, you're amazing.
8:27 am
jummy: good morning. we want to start this thursday with the forecast. jacqui jeras is talking rain later today. jacqui: a few showers as possible. that will stay west of i-95 today. we have filtered sunshine, and the clouds will thicken up along with higher humidity. how temperatures altidore, 59 degrees downtown. 54 at dulles airport. -- our temperatures out the door, 59 degrees downtown. 54 at dulles airport. late tonight we will have a better chance of rain into the early morning hours for tomorrow. a little drizzly, but i think we will dry up in the afternoon and that will give way to a decent weekend with warmer temperatures. angela: we are dealing with a crash on the 14th street bridge. the good news is, it is outbound , blocking a couple of lanes. we still are tied up on the george washington parkway. two accidents in the same
8:28 am
location on the stretch between one to three and south run parkway, blocking the left lane in each direction. a live look at the capital beltway. a several mile backup on the inner loop. approaching this accident, as you approach the local lanes heading to the wilson bridge, we continue to block the left side. the delays continue to grow. that is the latest on the commute. jummy: top stories now -- members of the fairfax county search and rescue team are being praised as heroes this morning. they helped to rescue a 15-year-old boy from the rubble of saturday's earthquake in nepal. sentencing is set for this morning for the man convicted of raping and robbing a domain in silver spring she was attacked while jogging on the northwest branch channel -- northwest branch trail. that doesn't for us but the news continues now on "good morning washington."
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] and there it was. nerf blasters from the youtube supergroup dude perfect. their most popular video. 2million views. >> there is no stopping these guys. they even tried a trick shot. you see them right now what they're doing here. and they even tried a trick shot at our news desk this morning. let's see how that went. >> see that again. >> got it. >> so quiet. >> very stoic, george. >> they are amazing. they're here live as you can see. jesds jess what is happening? >> it's the sensation that is sweeping the nation. dizzy ping-pong. are you ready to try it? here rewith.
8:31 am
let's go. >>. >> almost. >> nope nope. >> not as easy. is there >> we'll chat with them coming up. and then jess and ginger will have a dude perfect boot camp showdown. amy, where are you? >> i'm in social square and i'm with lennon and maisy stella. their book in the waives is out today. it's based on the song of the same name. tell me about this children's book. >> the song we actually wrote when maisy was 4ish. i was 8ish. we were thisin the bathtub. we did the chorus. we reached out to do a kids book. we came back and finished the lyrics.
8:32 am
? >> you used the lyrics from the song? >> yes. a couple of the verses changed. >> the song is also available. and you're debuting a little bit for us this morning. if cow can crust start playing it. >> thank you. >> go ahead. ♪ ♪ i got my old flip-flops and the hat on topcoat of sun block that i almost fort ♪ ♪ headed for the seashore got my boogie boogie board mom says hurry, hurry come on ♪ ♪ what could possibly be taking so long we said mama almost done ♪ >> keep playing. in the waves is available now. lara over to you. >> all right, guys. it's youtube week on "gma." this morning, we're celebrating with dude perfect. these are the pros who took youtube by storm with their mind-blowing trick shots and stunts. in a moment they'll teach us
8:33 am
how theo be dude perfect. first, jess tells us what they're capable of. is there they're >> they're amazing. in a second ginger and i are put through a dude perfect boot camp. first, check out how unbelievable they are. tyler, do the honors brother. >> yeah, let's go. >> reporter: these dudes have dominated youtube for six years perfecting their epic trick shots. and mesmerizing the masses with nearly 600 million views. >> yeah! >> reporter: but the five college pals and their panda mascot don't just dunk. their ant ix spread across the sports realm and include superstar celebs. interviews and collaborating with tim mcgraw, kobe bryant and johnny football. with the newly laumpld stereo type series dude perfect is the
8:34 am
second largest sports channel on youtube. they're published authors. have a game app. and channel fame to give back to charities. for the 5 or so million fans of the dudes, all can agree, they're pretty perfect. >> all right, so i wish we had the bubble wrap. i'm onbsessed with that. tyler, tony cory garrett, cody jones. did i get thmem all? texas a&m, roommates. doing this since 2009. are you amazed by the popularity? >> we filmed the first video six year ago. two days later, you put it on the show. that started it. >> we're big fan. it's hard the believe it's real. it's real, right? >> 100% real. >> this is go-time. this is dude perfect boot camp time. you think you can make ginger
8:35 am
and i do this? >> absolutely. >> two key points. >> definitely first thing is you have to call your shot. every great trick shot's got a name. once you make the shot you have to have great celebration to go with it. that caps it off. >> i think we can do that. >> they're doing dizzy bat and then shooting? >> yes. let's get them dizzy. >> why not? >> team ginger? >> how many times? >> that's good. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. >> what's your shot name. ? >> pt thunder. >> celebration. >>way to go. >> keep it with the dizzy. jesse, you're up. >> top knot. okay. >> all right, all right. this is way too early in the morning. sorry not sorry double fisted amazing trick shot.
8:36 am
>> i like it. >> go. >> come on jesse. >> anytime. anytime now. >> yeah. >> ginger. >> it's a tie. >> that's how we do it. that's how we do it, here. >> i believe we're now going to tell you, newly dude perfect ginger will -- are you undizzy? >> i feel good. i feel good. i'll do weather. pt thunder. i came up with it on the spot. how about we go right back here. how did that look? >> you rocked. you trokd house. >> they're on team ginger. let start with the social stream. oh, the hydrangea in new jersey. and connecticut. thank you, gil. we love our meteorologist at the abc affi
8:37 am
jacqui: goomorning, shington. the clolouds will be e on the increase throughout the day today. it will not be n nearly as nice as yesterday. rain showers a possisible, especialally in the mountains, with o high temperature around 70 degrerees. >> and all that weather brought to you by hilton. how about one more? i'll try. did it make it? yeah? pt thunder. >> way to go ginger. and we have oscar-winning actress helen hunt here. she wrote, directed and stars in the new movie "ride." about an editor who dashes to l.a. after her son drop out of college to surf. >> you've never done this before? >> no but i'm in very good physical condition. >> you must have a lot of money. you're staying in a nice hotel. you have hired me for a second day in a row.
8:38 am
i think you should get an instructor. >> i don't need an ill literal teenager telling me to lie on my belly and smash my arms in the water. i live in the most difficult city in the country. i can navigate a few waves in santa monica. >> that goes on your leg. >> gnat's just the beginning. i understand your first surfing experience actually inspired you to write this movie? >> i have a surflesson with i don't remember his name. he yelled at me for an hour. put me on, like kind of as if you're surfing on eighth avenue. like 50 soft tops all crashing into each other. i got out of the water. not humbled. humiliated. i had tears in my throat. never again. i will never again. i thought, anything that has me this upset, i should do it again and write about it. >> all of those pictures you did nearly all of the surfing
8:39 am
stupts. there are quite a few painful wipeouts. >> it's not hard to fall off a surfboard. the surfing is me. the wipeouts are me. >> you wrote. you directed. you star in this movie. when you have written a film and you're directing it house does that impact your acting? >> it's doing all three of those things in the pacific ocean that tilts the whole thing into a kind of halucinogenic version of itself. we were working hard. we were playing like kids in the ocean. it was great. >> it definitely shows. you play jackie a big city magazine editor with a fairly neurotic relationship with her son. he drops out of school goes to california to surf. she follows him. >> she can't drive. she hires a driver to schlep her
8:40 am
surfboard around. i don't see what's weird about that. follow him until she rer ends him in the streets of venice. he says you're crazy. you don't understand me. don't talk to me until you can stand up on a surfboard. the bulk of the story is a woman doing something she's not comfortable doing. >> your surf up stricter is played by luke wils. he is jour surf instructo turns into your love interest. >> i wasn't born yesterday. >> what is the movie about? >> i see all these soccer moms and hockey moms and surf moms in l.a. and all the the kids are out there playing. it's about flipping that around and getting in the water or the trampoline or the finger payments and having fun ourselves. >> it was great to see paul reiser there supporting you in lamt. >> he's one of my dearest friends. i'm probably here because of him so. >> you're here because you
8:41 am
wrote, directed and starred in your movie. "ride" opens friday in select theaters.. coming up julia roberts, cameron diaz jennifer lopez jumping into this season's hottest trend. how you rock the jump suit. and the six-week life slim down could be clearing your cl
8:42 am
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oh what a good time already are june. time now to yahoo! your day. this morning, it's all about jumpsuits. the popular one-piece is taking over runways. can anyone make the look work? celebrity stylist june ambrose is back. >> how are you? >> i love it. >> you jumped into a jumpsuit. what's great is you take from the day the night. from being casual to very elegant and classy. >> mm-hmm. >> it's turpd into the new evening gown. they slip it on. the silhouettes. one line. the lines are so flattering on the body. you have to have the right silhouette. >> amy always says i can't wear one. i'm like amy, yes, you can. we'll show how different body types can wear them. we start with emily. she's petite.
8:45 am
>> i'm vertically challenged. i understand. >> that's a jumpsuit? >> yeah. it's a jumpsuit. i say for petite women, choose a skinny strap or v-neck. a avoid long and loose styles. you think of a romper you think toddler. she's wearing it like a woman. >> i'm telling you. she looks so much taller. this tricks. >> this trick is all in the silhouette. >> thank you, emily. and now tamiko. she embraces her curves which i love so much. >> i love a curvy woman that lands it. this look, you want to avoid large patterns and prints when you're curvy. the black works. the silhouette is chic. it glam-oflauges the trouble
8:46 am
area. this beautiful sash gives her what she needed. she has beautiful strong shoulders. pair it with heels. elongate yourself. go for the tailered look. >> do you feel good? >> i feel wonderful. >> those are great. yeah. >> thank you, and now, your mom, and as you said you're wearing a jumpsuit. stooms, a mom thinks i've gone through so many changes. kathleen. look at you. >> she's 50 and fierce. you have two kids. i said embrace the cleavage. the open necklines. the small pattern ps thp is casual. >> i like that. is there she's wearing it el fwant with the open-toe shoe. don't fear the cleavage. embrace those assets. >> i want to bring all three out here. amy, come here. all of them come out.
8:47 am
no don't you think amy could sport a jumper? >> absolutely. i love that amy loves color. i said color block as well. >> why do you think you can't? >> because i think i'll look silly like it's wearing me. >> even if you took the silhouette, the wide leg trouser. >> i think i could pull off the first one. >> you have great legs. >> i'm sorry, what were you saying? >> are you going to do it? >> sure i'll try. >> please tomorrow. it's friday. >> june give us one last tip. >> color blocking. especially if you're worried about your body type being ill pro portioned. put the bulk of color where you want to minimalize. if you're bottom heavy, do a color-block jumper the. . dark at the bottom. color at the top. >> you stand up so we can see you. next time on the red carpet.
8:48 am
>> i'm short. >> all right. thank you so much, june. thank you, amy. coming up lose the clutter, lose the weight? could this be the key to a better home and health
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back with a provocative new book. it's about whether the clutter in your home can contribute to you gaining weight. abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: andrea's tried countless diets over the years. >> i've tried a loft deprivation diets. >> reporter: now she's hoping to shed pounds by shedding the clutter in her home. in his new book lose the clutter, lose the weight peter walsh says thehere's a link between your mess increased stress and weight gain.
8:51 am
how does clutter affect your weight. >> if you live in a cluttered environment environment, your stress levels increase. once the stress level increases, hormone level increases. the result of that is that you start to overeat. >> reporter: cutting down the clut sir a concept andrea is ready to try. starting with the messy fridge. do you think anyone's going the eat that? >> it's unlikely. >> reporter: peter helping her get rid of the old. >> i picked those up at the farmer's market on sunday. >> reporter: after 0 minutes, her fridge from this to this. ? we have really clear zones for things. and we have used simple bins to keep like things together. next they tackle her untieddy pantry. and in less than 20 minutes, just look at the trance formation. and finally, her chaotic closet. >> if you have to think about it good-bye.
8:52 am
stay or go? >> go. >> stay or go? >> go. >> great job. >> reporter: she gets it done going from overwhelmed to overjoyed. >> i feel lighter. there's not the clutter. not the confusion. >> reporter: while she's hoping to lose around 20 to 30 pounds nanette part of a test panel for peter's book says her new decluttered lifestyle resulted in a 50-pound weight loss. >> by getting rid of the junk i wasn't stressed over the mess at home. i came home on the week end a and relaxed. and more focus and energy on what i needed to do to take care of myself. >> reporter: along with decluttering and oathing healthy, peter says at-home exercises are key. like kitchen counter triceps pushups. >> it's not magic. it's not voodoo. it's about simple life changes and home changes that will help you live a healthier life. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:53 am
america," abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> i admit it. i was skeptical. a lot of good advice there. you can read an except o
8:54 am
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square. >> there they are. basketball. youtube stars. who is ready for friday? >> bring it. can't get here fast enough. >> until friday have a great thursday. so long, everybody. >> bye. melanie: good -- jummy: good morning. 8:56 is the time. we want to get a look at the forecast. jacqui jeras is standing by. jacqui: we are starting off good this morning, but later we could get some showers in here, so grab the umbrella and have it handy, especially if you are west of i-95.
8:57 am
our temperature right now, 59 degrees downtown. you can see the high, thin clouds across the region. we have two weather systems that will stand on top of us and bring us showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm late today, especially west. high temperatures in the upper 60's to lower 70's. we expect rain showers in the morning tomorrow. drier conditions in the afternoon with temperatures only in the mid-60's. angela: on the roads right now it is still a struggle. the accident is reported on one of the ramps to inbound roosevelt ridge. as you travel on interstate 66. for folks making the drive on 395, the crash is southbound on the 14th street ridge, blocking a couple of lanes. an accident on branch avenue as you get to the beltway. this is the delay you will find from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. where we had the earlier crash, all lanes are reopened. heavy and slow on 270 merging
8:58 am
onto the 270 spur. jummy, back to you. jummy: some top stories right now. hero actions in nepal by the fairfax county search and rescue team. they helped rescue a 15-year-old boy from the rubble five days after the massive earthquake. police in baltimore remain on high alert, but no major disturbances reported overnight. documents related to the death of freddie gray are expected to be turned over to the state's attorney's office tomorrow. that
8:59 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael"! today, from the hit series "scandal," jeff perry.
9:00 am
and star of "saturday night live," kate mckinnon, plus performing the new hit "no way no," magic!. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ why you got to be so rude don't you know i'm human too ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its captioning content and accuracy. visit] [applause]


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